Death Animations [WIP]

Zombies, Skeletons, Villager, Pillager, Iron Golems, ... have new, epic animations when they die

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For Java Edition only!


Mobs have new, epic animations when they die.

Works with:
Zombies, Husks, Skeletons, Strays, Creepers, Drowned, Phantoms, Villagers, Pillagers, Evokers, Vindicators, Pigs, Cows, Chickens, Sheep, Iron golems, Ravagers, Endermites.

Most body parts can be picked up with a right-click.
You can also use them in workbenches or even eat them.

Unique animations are available for Iron Golems, Phantoms, Endermites and Ravagers.

Make sure to adjust the data pack for your needs by opening the settings (/trigger settings)


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Installation tutorial

Instructions can also be found in the following video.
Download doesn't work?


Click on the download button, select your Minecraft version in Google Drive and download the two .zip files


Move the data pack .zip file

Move the data pack .zip file into the datapacks folder of your world



Enter the command /reload in the game


Install the resource pack

Move the resource pack .zip file into the recourcepacks folder located in your .minecraft folder (C:/Users/<Username>/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft) and activate it ingame


If you are having issues downloading the data pack from Google Drive, consider downloading it in a private window when you are not signed into google. I sometimes get a notification from google that the user's organisation doesn't allow shared files, so if you happen to have problems maybe look into that.

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