Dynamic Lights

Supported entities/items such as torches or lanterns emit light. This is possible with the new light block added in 21w13a

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Please note:

For Java Edition 1.17 - 1.19!


Supported entities and items such as torches or lanterns will emit light by using the light block added in 21w13a.

Supported Items:
Torches, Lanterns, Campfires, Glowstone, Glowstone Dust, Blaze Rods, Blaze Powder, Spectral Arrows, Lava Buckets, Sea Lanterns, Prismarine Crystals, Froglights, Glow Ink Sacs, Glow Berries, Glow Item Frames, Glow Lichen, Jack o'Lanterns, Shroomlights, End Rods, End Crystals, Fire Charge, Amethyst Shards, Nether Stars, Ender Chests and Beacons

Additionally, all enchanted items will emit light level 6 while Fire Aspect enchanted items will emit light level 9.

Always glowing entities:
Allays, Glow Squids, Glow Item Frames, Blazes, TNT, End Crystals, Fireballs, Spectral Arrows, Firework Rockets and Flying Wither Skulls

No Optifine needed!

Minecraft Java Edition 1.17x, 1.18x and 1.19x

Yes, of course!

Please give credit though ­čŚ┐


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Installation tutorial

Instructions can also be found in the following video.


Click on the download button and download the dynamiclights-datapack.zip file


Move the .zip file

Move the .zip file into the datapacks folder of your world



Ingame enter the command /reload

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