AFK Notifier

With this data pack, other players on a server can see that the players who have switched into the 'AFK mode' are AFK.

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Please note:

For Java Edition only!


Any player can switch to 'AFK Mode' with the command /trigger afk.
Players in the AFK mode receive a grey AFK tag so that other players on a server can see that this player is currently AFK.
(Note: This data pack does not make you invincible against mobs!)

afk mode active
afk mode active

Minecraft Java Edition Version 1.15x, 1.16x and 1.17x

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Installation tutorial

Instructions can also be found in the following video.


Click on the download button and download the file


Move the .zip file

Move the .zip file into the datapacks folder of your world



Ingame enter the command /reload

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